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2020-08-12 17:42:54 (UTC)

Food Choices Part Two

Now my son has an issue with my food choices, he asked when I was going to eat breakfast and what I was going to eat this morning. I told him my favorites watermelon, apple and banana. He then had this sad look on his face and stated that I need to eat some meat sometimes and not always fruit. I told him I will eat meat for lunch and dinner but this is what I want to eat for breakfast. I even told him I had meat yesterday, it was chicken in my salad wrap that I made for dinner along with an apple and banana. My family know I don’t eat beef, haven’t had beef in over ten years now because I just didn’t like it or want it anymore. What is wrong with him and my sister? Fruit & salad are healthy choices and is better than meat in my opinion. I was thinking of going plant base or vegetarian to see if this would help with my medical problems but I decided to wait and discuss it with my doctor first. I really need to get my health together because I don’t like being sick at all. I can only be hopeful!!!!!