Mundane Daily Life
2020-08-12 15:03:40 (UTC)

Horror Story, I guess. . .

Two days ago, my sis asked me to bike together. Since we only have one bike, we take turn to make a round circling the complex where we lived. It was passed 7 PM and the evening was colder and darker than usual. We take turn twice before it was my turn again.

The back side of our complex were mostly big empty houses and even empty land where no house had been built yet, it make sense that those areas would be dark. I didn't want to be too tired so I pedal my bike slowly and enjoy the cold wind also the music I play loud enough for only me to hear from my phone.

Suddenly there's a loud clang of metal gate from my left side. The road was always almost empty so I turned my head to search for the source of the sound. It's an empty house alright. It has a black gate covered with black hard plastic over it. There's some space from the cover for your hand to put on a lock on the gate. I didn't know why my eyes went straight toward that empty space, but it did and I saw nothing at the time.

For only a quick glance, I could definitely say the house was empty. From that tiny space on the gate, I could see there's no curtain on the windows and there's no light coming from inside the house. But there's a pretty bright light outside of the house. Since I saw nothing, no one, I thought it was just a wind and continue with my biking.

It was my sis' turn again, I wait in front of our house while playing with my phone. Not long after my sis got back faster than the round she make before. I thought she was just tired because she was panting hard when she hopped off the bike.

"I'm done." she said curtly, still panting hard.

"Why ? Let's make another round after this." I moved to take the bike because I thought it was gonna be my turn again.

"I saw something."

I stopped in my track. "Yea ?"

"Or. . . I felt something."

"Okay. . ."

My sis was always sensitive to *that* kind of stuff, so I motioned for her to explain more.

She said she experience the same thing as I did with that empty house. The gate was making a loud noise like someone was trying to open it. And when she turn around to see it, she felt a shiver running through her spine because there's no one there and it was so damn dark. She ride the bike as fast as she could to get back.

When I told her that I heard the same thing from the exact same house but I thought it was just wind, we both look at each other fro a few seconds before we laugh drily.

There's no way I'm gonna continue biking after hearing her story so we just head back home.

Yesterday night was raining, so we skipped biking for the day.

Today, we're biking again. This time around 6 PM. We take turn as usual and on my last turn, I looked around the area where the empty house with black gate was supposed to be. "Supposed" to be. I couldn't find the house. There's no house with a black gate and black hard cover plastic around that area.

Confused, I ask my sis again to confirm our story the exact location of the house and we definitely say the same location. Then I told her that I couldn't find the house on my last turn just on curiosity. We looked at each other silently again and for a moment I felt a shiver run through me.

"It couldn't be. . ."

"Could it be. . . what we saw was not a house from this realm ?"

Another shiver run through me. And then we laughed drily again.

"Stop it, I need to sleep with lights on again tonight." My sis joked, trying to change the subject. And we did drop the subject.

It couldn't be, right.