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2020-08-10 08:53:47 (UTC)

i wont say no.

went out this weekend and spent the last 3 days sucking cock and getting fucked by a few men. Went out with some freinds and they were complaining there were no ladies to date and they needed releived. I started laughing and said helll i get more dick now than all you combined. well as the night grew on and the drunker they got the hornier they got till one said lets go to jen and do her. they all looked at me and i said not my idea but im down to help out ifi can. we got back to the house and there were 4 of us. i ask what they had in mind and they said they were horny and would i provide them with some way they could use me as a cumdump and fuck hole. I said well yes. i explained that they were alpha males and a beta sissy slut never says no to a alpha. That I would wait to be used and bring as many as they wanted.