Truer than True

Through My Eyes
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2020-08-11 06:55:39 (UTC)


I knew my brother wasn’t coming. He’s not reliable at all. I knew he was lying because that’s all he does is lie. He said he was going to be on the bus from Las Vegas so I wouldn’t be by myself because my son worked the graveyard shift, he also said the bus was going to drop him off down the street from my home because I can’t drive due to the seizures I’ve been having. When he called my son instead of me truly confirmed everything I was saying was correct. He also lied to me about having the money to come out here because he asked my son for the money and of course my son told him he didn’t have it. It truly is hurtful he’s the way he is especially since I’ve been sick. I didn’t want to be home alone in the event I have an incident/episode with this Epilepsy. I’m truly hoping I can get better because I don’t like having to depend on people especially knuckle heads.