Truer than True

Through My Eyes
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2020-08-10 20:40:08 (UTC)

Brother Part Four

Well, my no good SOB baby brother contacted me via Instagram stating he’s so sorry for not responding or contacting us. He’s claiming his girlfriend played him and tricked him into fixing her car then once she got it repaired and out the shop she supposedly hides the car so he can’t find it. He’s claiming since I’ve been sick he didn’t want to stress me so that’s why he didn’t respond. He promised he’s not involved in any criminal activity and states he’s on his way down to my home because he doesn’t want to disappoint me. He’s also stating that all he has in life is me and my sister so he truly means what he says. My brother is an habitual liar and sadly you can’t believe anything that comes out his mouth. Sadly as old as I am, I still try to believe in people. I can’t help the way I am, I try to give people the benefit of doubt but they eventually prove me wrong every time.