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Through My Eyes
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2020-08-10 11:15:44 (UTC)

Home, Alone & Sick

I’ve been diagnosed with Epilepsy, as I do some research I think mines is Nocturnal Seizures because most of my incidents/episodes as l ike to refer to them has happened at night while I’m sleeping. There is a few that has happened during the day, these are the ones my family has seen. These ones I don’t remember at all but apparently this is what happens with these seizures, you want remember or recall anything. However, most of them happens at night. Since I’ve been home my son keeps his door partially open now in the event I have an episode. Well apparently I had one last night. He said when he heard me and he entered the room I was in the bed talking to myself and picking up my cover from the floor. Sadly I don’t remember any of this at all, since he told me this I decided I should probably go back to my sister home this week because I’m going to be off from work and during the week my son works the graveyard shift and I don’t think I should be home alone. I texted my sister because she was at work and asked if she mind if I come back down this week due to me having an episode. It took her awhile before she responded back and her response to me was to see if my sons girlfriend could stay with me this week, so this told me the answer was no. I know me being in this situation is not good and can be bothersome but I at least thought she would say yes. I am a little hurt but not surprised. I can only hope I can somehow overcome this and get better so I don’t have to worry anymore. I truly hate I’m going through this and hope I get better soon!!!!