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2020-08-10 05:58:08 (UTC)

I wrote a note....that nobody relates to.

From the age of 8,
I reached school real late.
My teacher didn't complain so she let me go
But the students there, didn't seem to like it.
At lunch break,
I was beat up, torn down, made fun of...
If I were to choose a word to describe my life in middle school...
It would be torture.
I always came home with bruises on my face
My mom would always ask,"What happened to you?"
And i'd always reply with,
"I just fell mom...i'm alright :)"
But in reality, i'm not alright.
At the age of 11
I gained depression.
Looking down from the balcony a lot.
My mom chose her reputation over me so I would always have to get beat up if I did something incorrectly...
I thought...
"Maybe it's time I try self harm..."
So I did.
I cut myself everyday
My mom didn't really care.
I got bullied, beat up, made fun of...etc.
Until, one day, I had enough.
I went to the school rooftop
I took a piece of paper with me.
It said..
"Whoever find this, pass it to the whole school.
I'm Zoey..
The kid that always had scars all over her arms
I was made fun of, beaten up, and bullied.
So I had enough.
I jumped.
You happy now?
I'm gone...."
I did jump....
But I woke up in a hospital.
How did I make it out alive?
I don't know.
But what I did know is that...
God didnt want me to die.
You'll have to ask Him.
But I still wanted to give up my life.
Soon, my mom, students and teacher came in.
All saying sorry but I knew it was only because they still wanted something to play with.
I didn't forgive them.
I continued self harm because I knew God wouldn't allow me to die.
My mom tried caring for me a bit more
And the students just stared at me whenever I walked by them.
The place i'd go the most is the rooftop
I felt free whenever I was up there.
Soon, I stopped self harm because my mom found out.
I let out everything and told her about what I went through.
She comforted me.
From that one day,
I found a reason to stay.
It was my mom
At 6th grade, I made a few friends.
They're the bestest friends I could ever have.
Moral of the story is

There is always hope. Don't let others get to you. Don't go through what I went through
God made you for a reason.

I really wanted to share this story because I thought it would help others who are going through what i'm going through.Sorry if I made you read so much and wasted your time. Bye

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