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me and my life
2020-08-08 13:10:45 (UTC)


It's feels nothing to reject someone but when you are rejected it hurts hahaha like I have been rejected by boys on matrimony mostly on caste grounds is what I believe.
I have in total sent request to 60 out of which 2 rejected 3 accepted by but not reverting further, 1 was to call but dint call. Phewww so unsystematic.
I was in bubble that I'll be accepted by many, hahaha I was wrong. There are many out there who are way more smarter than me. Their careers are very well established unlike me.
I have one in my mind who matched my preferences also same caste good looks very well educated waiting for his revert. Let's see... SP guy is out of my mind now. Bloody what he think of self.
Today I concentrated on guy hunt. I fetched few among 300 guyyssssss. Lolzzzz all thanks to monku for putting in such situation. If he hasn't come in my life I would have been married. But it's better late than never. I'll not settle for less. I am preferring nri or else someone who is very well settled and from upper middle class..