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2020-08-08 10:27:04 (UTC)

Push through

Up since 2am.
I’m exhausted.

Indio has been here since Wednesday.
Said he would “set me up”, but as usual, empty words.
I get he loves me, just not “in” love with me, and I’m cool with that.
Was honest with my feelings finally.

I am battling my guilt. Things I should have done for my brother. Can’t turn back the clock. Have to ask for forgiveness daily till I forgive myself.

Lots going on still. Lots of sleeping still.

Most my friends are understanding. I message as I can. I’m not up for talking yet. Just now attempting to log into social media outlets. Didn’t last long. But, I tried.

Sick of his dog shitting and pissing in my house. His little princess. Who can do no wrong.

I’ve been up since 2am and am getting tired.
Just an update.

I’m still breathing.