Do Not Disturb

2020-08-06 22:59:14 (UTC)

He likes me back !!!

Its confirmed. He likes me back. He told me over text today when he texted me good morning. He told me that he been told me the night that we were at work and we were about to leave. I guess I didn't hear him quit well when he told me that he likes me. But at least now I know that he likes me back. We've been texting ever since that night happened. I called him the other day and he picked up but hung up because he said it was to much noise at his house and he could barely hear me. He could've at least texted me but he said he was sooo tired. I'm still waiting on if,he wants to hang out Saturday since I get off at nine. He reads it but no response. I'm gonna ask him again. Because we only get to see each other at work anyways and I won't be able to get to see him until he gets back to work Sunday night because I close with him also Monday,and Tuesday. Hopefully, he'll show up.

Mood: Feeling Good

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