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2020-08-07 22:33:34 (UTC)

Brother Part Three

My baby brother that went missing on Sunday contacted my son on Wednesday saying he was back in Las Vegas. This SOB left, we thought he was missing because he didn’t respond to any of the families text messages. His excuse to my son was that his girlfriend disconnected his phone however he still has not contacted no one else in the family at all. After my son told me the no good SOB had contacted him, I sent him another text message and he hasn’t responded at all to any of them. The sad thing is I hope he didn’t get involved in anything criminal because twelve years ago my brother lived with me at another address. He got involved in some criminal activity with some of the neighbors friends which resulted in him running and left me and my son. The people he got involved with was threatening us and the neighbors parents which resulted in us moving from this location. After that incident I stayed away from him however since it had been so long and I’ve been sick I thought he might have change. Sadly, he hasn’t because of him leaving and disappearing and not contacting us of his whereabouts. I’m hoping whatever he’s involved in doesn’t reflect back on us like it did the last time. I’ve come to the point that I have to let my brother go and not contact him again because he’s shown us that he’s dangerous, can’t be trusted at all and don’t care about his family at all. I’m extremely sad, hurt and emotional. I hope nothing comes our way.