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2020-08-07 18:03:25 (UTC)

Random Assortment - July 2020

Rekindle by Brave Bird
Your Deep Rest by Hotelier [deeply triggering song!!!! but I like it lol]
Carissa by Sun Kil Moon
July by Noah Cyrus
I Don't Mind by Pet Fox
What Do You Want Me To Say? by Dismemberment Plan
Once in a Lifetime by the Talking Heads
Tron Cat by Tyler, the Creator [a bop but I swear every time I got to this song on my playlist I'd be like "Holy fuck!!!! What the fucks wrong with this guy!!!!]
El Muchacho de los Ojos Tristes by Jeannette
The Recluse by Cursive
Sleeping With Strangers by Car Seat Headrest
Souls by Car Seat Headrest
No Glory in the West by Orville Peck [a beautiful song]
Overexposed (Enjoy) by Car Seat Headrest
Sola by Jessie Reyez
Juliet by Cavetown
Птицы by Аирилл Битов
Slyozy by Jekka [Russian written in our alphabet]

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