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2020-08-07 11:14:32 (UTC)

True and through.

You know how you question yourself after making a huge and important decision? You don't really know if it was the right move, or maybe you were being too harsh and maybe you should reconsider? I had a million questions in my mind after recently breaking up with someone. I thought that maybe I was being too harsh, and bare in mind, I've given this person an ample amount of second chances, well I am here to tell ya'll that when your instinct or gut feeling is heading towards a decision, trust it. I can also tell you that you will know that your decision was the right one because people usually show their asses after a break up. That is exactly what is happening to me and to tell you the truth, it makes your healing process so much easier. You know for sure that what you were in was never meant for you and you deserve soooo much better. I knew my decision was out of the blue and it didn't make sense to me but now I totally understand. People will show you their true selves and that is who they are...through and through.