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Through My Eyes
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2020-08-06 14:34:45 (UTC)

I’m Home

My sister drove me home yesterday she said it’s because I was disconnected and not interacting with her and my nieces. Ands she’s correct I wasn’t interacting, part of the reason is because I felt I was being overly watched a lot . I felt if I moved a leg I was being questioned. If I blinked I was being questioned. Now I know I’ve been sick and diagnosed with Epilepsy but being watched so much was becoming annoying. Also I drink a lot of water which causes me to frequently go to the restroom and I was being questioned about that too. And like my doctor said the water has to come out somehow. Lol! Because I was being questioned so much about me going to the restroom I contacted my doctor again and she said another reason could be the blood pressure medicine I’ve been taking. So she suggested to stop taking the medicine to see if that would help. This alarmed me because I’ve been taking this medicine for over 10 years, however my sister feels I should try it to see if that would reduce my bathroom runs. Due to all of this I started shutting down and no longer wanting to talk so I would just sit there at her home and if she asked me a question I would just answer yes or no. Also I started walking to the park down the street from her home to be by myself for awhile. Now I’m home which I’m happy but scared at the same time because this is all new to me but I’m hopeful.