I don't even know
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2020-08-06 01:05:21 (UTC)


Dear Diary,
I'm so lazy. Felt pretty tired today, and I miss Tess. I just wanna hold her. But that's not gonna happen. She just broke up with me out of the blue. I wanna ask her but she won't pick up my texts.My friends aren't aware that we broke up. I'm kinda surprised she didn't tell them. I would've, but, something stopped me. I don't know what but I hate it. I'm not angry that she broke up with me. She just left me with so many questions and I guess, I'm angry with that and myself. Whatever. We're really young. But I'm more mature than I look. Enough about that. I always wonder what happened to me. I go from being a happy, extroverted kid to just, depressing and tired. When did I start cutting again? I once told myself I wouldn't cut. Hah, guess I can't listen to myself. I'm so dumb.