La Flaca

Las Tortugas y Yo
2020-08-05 13:22:04 (UTC)

The calender still marks the day you pass away.

My calender is stuck on July 31 2020 that's the day we lost you. And is as if time hold still for all of us. Your funeral was the best part of our farewells is where everyone knew without a doubt that you no longer be in our lives. Only a month ago we where all so happy celebrating Ari's 15ñiera and you kept asking me to take pictures of you this always made me miss my dad because he was the same way. I miss hearing you call my name when I walked in to the door. Our to listen to your laughter when we'd all joke arround. You where my father away from home and I thank you for showing me your kindness and always making me feel at home and for always helping me out with your son when he was miss behaving. As much as all of this feels like a bad dream I know is true. When Mia realized you went to heaven it broke my heart becouse her little heart was broken as well she longed to dance with you on her birthday and was looking foward to your and my motherin laws 50th wedding anniversary as we all where.
I hope you get to meet my dad in heaven and know how much we all loved you may you rest in peace Suegro you will always live in our hearts and memories.

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