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2020-08-05 08:58:12 (UTC)

My 28 Year Old Son

I have a 28 year old who I truly thought I raised right but I clearly didn’t. He’s a person who likes to beat on women and recently him and his girlfriend had an argument and he hit her. This broke my heart that he would put his hands on a woman. What really gets me is that this girl wants to stay with my son. I tried talking to her telling her to never be with a man who puts his hands on you and I said to end the relationship. This girl literally told me no she loves my son, needless to say I was flabbergasted. My son ended up going to jail and rightfully so because of the incident, however she didn’t press any charges but the court order my son to stay 100 feet away from her. Also my son is not dependent and still resides with me and pays nothing at all. The reason I didn’t have him pay anything is because I wanted him to get in the habit of trying to save his money so he can have some type of cushion so when I’m no longer here on earth, but that has not work out so well because he wants to get the fancy clothes and shoes. He also has two cars that he’s paying car notes on, which I think is the most stupidest thing he could have done. He claims he’s trying to build his credit so he can do more things in life. My son is also a marijuana smoker and drinks alcohol. I’ve never ever smoked marijuana or been a drinker (I’m such a square). Sadly my son is a true knuckle head and I don’t know where I went wrong with him. I’ve recently become ill and I need someone I can rely on and it clearly isn’t him.