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2020-08-05 01:22:59 (UTC)

Food Choices

I’m currently at my sisters home because I’ve been having blackouts/seizures and they don’t feel I should be home alone. However being here is bothering me because she wants to change what I eat, somethings I understand like I love Dr. Pepper and I like to drink one a day so in place of not drinking soda I drink Carbonated water and she doesn’t want me to drink that either. I agree to give up the soda because I recently started back drinking them so giving them up is easy but to give up the Carbonated water is a bit to much in my opinion and it’s starting to become annoying. She wants me to give it up because she thinks my medical problems is food related. She even had problems with what I ate today for breakfast which was watermelon, apple and banana and for lunch I had cherries. I personally don’t see a problem with my meal choices but she does. I’ve recently been thinking of going plant base to eat more healthier but she’s repeatedly said to wait and thinks it’s to drastic. I even sent information from online regarding Carbonated/Sparkling water that there is no harmful affect on the body it even stated that it may even enhance digestion and she still wants me to give it up. But what really gets me is she smokes cigarettes, I don’t and she drinks liquor and I don’t, so me drinking carbonated water should not be an issue.