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2020-08-04 16:39:06 (UTC)

Brother Part Two

My brother came down to my home from Las Vegas due to me recently being sick. He was supposed to return home but because I haven’t gotten well he said he would stay with me for a few more days since I was trying to return home. I’ve recently been at my sisters home since I’ve been sick because my son works nights and they don’t think I should be home alone if I’m having seizures. However my brother left from my sisters home and went somewhere with one of his siblings on his father side and now he’s missing. We have not heard from him at all and he’s not responding to our text messages. My only concern at this point is that he’s somewhere and he’s okay. I know my brother is a knuckle head and is unreliable but I was truly hopeful that he could at least for once in his life be more reliable but he’s shown that he can’t. My sister knew he was not going to come through at all. She had no faith at all. I guess I wanted to believe he could at least once in his life.