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2020-08-03 18:49:22 (UTC)

I'm so stubborn for my own good at times 😤

So I wasn't going to hit gym class today...but I did. I was 90% ok with my back but I know I should take it easy but I didn't. I attended class and it was good. Back held up and didn't feel any pain except a little bit when we did the staggered bicep curls. 7 reps from 0° to 90°. Then 7 more from 90°-10° and finally 7 more from 0° - 180°. Rinse and repeat. The rest I had no issues with and they had jump ropes in today's session. Love it so much because I can sorta showoff. It's cool when you're flying and you can hear the wooshing of your rope just cutting into the air with some speed. lol. Well, I had a lot of practice so.. tough!!! And it's fun so I like it.

After gym, my friends asked how my back was because I told them I may not come because I strained my back a little. Anyway, I feel ok. Slightly pain reminding me I'm not 100% but the pain is like a 1 on a scale from 1-10. Last night, I tried really hard to keep my man card but I wasn't able to stand straight up without my lower back pain. I knew I had inflamed something and it was probably swollen. Whimpered myself to sleep last night. haha. Glad I"m single at the moment. Not very manly at all. lol

But like I said, today I felt good enough to rock it. Went to work, did my thing, told my boss "yeah-yeah" on several things he asks me to do which by the way is micromanaging and even though I tell him for years this is micro managing, he doesn't learn. So now, like a child, I just say "yeah-yeah" and just like a child, I do it when I'm good and ready to do it. I know how to run projects so he can just shut up and it'll be all good. I'm never the cause of some project to miss it's stand up date. But whatever...

I'm afraid to weigh myself today. I partied ever so slightly last weekend so.... yeah... the scale is the devil to me for a few days. lol

Oh!! Forgot to say that my tax return has cometh!!! Woohoo!! No flags and I got some cha-ching spending money to play with. No worries to the penny pinchers. I got my retirement all locked up and good to go. A little extra 401K added to that and apparently, I got a retirement pay for some job I had in Hawaii and although it won't be much because I didn't work there long, it's almost two Benjies a month so there you go... maybe enough for whatever it is retired people play. Bingo maybe?? Haha.

As you can tell, I'm all juiced up on my natural high from working out. The happy chemicals are flowing in me and life is good. I'm a little stinky from working out but other than that... I feel "happy happy joy joy!!" 🤪🤪🤪