from my heart
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2020-08-03 14:48:20 (UTC)

i wish i didnt care

3:48 pm
i need to stop getting attached to people that i barely even know. i wish i could just forget people easily and not really give a fuck to be honest. im tired of just this life in general because i feel fucking trapped.

i just want to feel good and free but i feel like im being held down in some type of way. i know that people are just looking out for me and protecting me but sometime i just wish i had the freedom to do whatever i wanted. i even doubt myself about going to college and the major im trying to pursue.

at the end of the day, i barely know myself and im just tired. i like art and i like to do makeup and hair but i never even one thought about going that route because theres so many people who just look down on it saying that its "impossible" to live a good life with a job like that. i really have no clue what i want to be.

i wish i had something i loved and i wish that i could get out of this home. i wish i could have a restart and that i didnt know some people i met. i feel bad but sometimes i feel regret. i dont know if im just taking things for granted though.

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