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2020-08-03 09:53:04 (UTC)

Went to bed in pain last night 😫

No idea what happened to me last night but my back was killing me to the point I couldn't even stand up straight. It was a rest day from the gym so I can't blame that. I did some stretching and foam rolling earlier that evening and not sure if that's what caused it or somehow lessened the pain. But holy crap!!! It hurt. I had to take some of my left over meds from a surgery I had a year ago trying to squash whatever the hell was hurting me. A couple of oxy something pills and it didn't help. I tried going to be early instead trying to sleep it off but it didn't work. I just laid there in bed tossing and turning to find the least painful way to lie down. Somehow someway I ended up falling asleep (after taking 3 melatonin pills).

Woke up and voila!! The pain is gone. Go figure. Not sure why or how I did that to myself but it sure didn't effect my morning issues with my hard on. lol Anyway, I feel much better. Still don't know what I did that caused it so I can't prevent whatever I did yesterday to come back up again. I'm gonna blame the moon maybe? Anyway, for the first time in a long time, I think I better not hit the gym today. Maybe I'll just do a few thousand jump ropes in my garage instead. I'll see how it goes as the day progresses. I'll probably be stupid and hit my gym class anyway but we'll see.

In ligher news, I spoke to my friend Jenny and she has changed. She is so stuck on the dude now. She will do whatever it is for him. She is chasing him I guess is what you call it? Or she became the needy one that needs to have that reassurance? Whatever professional term it's called, it look ugly on her. Not a good thing to have at all. But as a friend, I'm there to support her. I tried to tell her what I see but I know it's useless unless you yourself see it and want to improve. She's still my core friend so all I can do is lend an ear and let her vent. Sad to see actually but I love her as a friend and friends are there for you no matter what stupid thing you do. lol. jk. I'm hoping in time, she'll see what I see and she'll make the right call for herself.