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me and my life
2020-08-03 09:37:20 (UTC)

Here and there

OMG i'm using my laptop after long time and its working good nearly to 70 percent and that relaxing rush in my brain is making me little of happy. I wanted to buy anti glares but they are expensive like 4000 and all, I cannot afford as of now and I cannot believe in cheaper ones. I want to buy many things as of now some of them are in my use and some of not actually. like Induction cook top, ninja mixer, some pans, anti glare, karaoke speaker and mic, most imp a new fucking laptop when I was working I had planned for Mac book and iphone buttttt you know and also a sipper many expensive things suddenly full stop is not working dyaaammmm. now working fuck what my life is a joke. i'm waiting for bhagwat geeta to arrive.
i miss momo a lot my cutie she does irritates me with her cries but she is a doll my squishyyy...
But feeling positive today, ill soon get a job and everything will be settled and on track. 2 days ago i dm monku because i missed him, i should not now. ill not even if i miss because after that i feel terrible that that man is so cold and not even messaging me not even asking about my well being he ruined my life and i call him to check on him and his family. why don't he?? leave it. if god is there and if he actually watching then he will definitely bless me.
Chalo lets apply for jobs and hunt a guy

Fuck Covid
Fuck bad life
Fuck negativity
Fuck bad people
Fuck all that pins me down, ill get up everytime ill be knocked off by life. yesss because i know im truthful person and nevr harmed anyone.
god is with me.