Do I have no more emotion
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2020-08-03 04:48:50 (UTC)


Why am I still here, trying to tell myself that this marriage will work?. I talk to myself and tell myself that we will get old together, is that what I really want?, I’m unhappy most of the time. I am tiered of feeling like I’m going crazy, like it’s me that is causing the arguments. I know I can do this on my own with my daughter and the baby on the way, but why am I still in this marriage?. I ask myself am I scared to leave and be on my own?, what is it? Am I afraid to break my daughters heart by telling her her dad and I are separating?. I’m unhappy and have been for so long. Sick of hearing that he does a lot for the family, yes he pays for the house and everything else, I help with the health insurance, car payments, groceries and everything the house needs. He doesn’t help around the house and I’ve been asking him to do his part, we both work. Every time I have to ask it goes into an argument and he says “ I’m demanding orders” or if he does the dishes he’s done doing anything else around the house. I get to the point where I’m yelling and reminding him to pick up after himself and help keep the house clean! We’ve been arguing about this for years and seems like doesn’t care keeping it dirty and being such a pig! I tried not doing it but it piles up. Just sick of everything, every times he yells at me for asking questions I wonder if he talks to other people like that when they ask questions. He tell me I’m controlling, I think he is. I’m just getting to the point where I’m done!

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