I don't even know
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2020-08-03 01:16:19 (UTC)

Distracted Today

Dear Diary,
I just had some Coffee Ice Cream. It was really good but the after taste is kinda sour. I don't mind though. It's like real coffee in a way. Anyways, today I've been okay. I forgot most of today I think. I'm always out of it and I'm distracted by other things too. I just can't seem to focus. Sometimes, I feel like I snap out of it and my body just moves on it's own. I've recently been missing my ex lately. I just wish she would talk to me. I tried communicating with her but she won't answer back. I don't know why but, I've been really distracted tonight. My head hurts and I can't think clearly. I just wished I had some answers, then I don't have to worry about this. I just wanna come out to my parents as well. But I know they would never accept me. They would probably kick me out, or worse. They wouldn't think of me as their daughter anymore. School is another thing that's been bothering me. Quarantine, Corona, and even a murder that happened somewhere near where I lived! These are just some of the things I guess. I've been really tired lately. If I told my parents they would just say "Well what made you tired today? What did you do that made you sooo tired?!". I love them, but they just don't care. My family isn't exactly the best at communicating our feelings. My parents don't care or know what I'm going through, my sister doesn't listen and just takes it as a joke, and my brother's too young to even understand. I wanna just let it all out right now, but I don't want anyone to hear or see me. But whatever, they won't care. It'll just be confusing. For them, and me.