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2020-08-02 16:40:56 (UTC)

Friends that finish each other's sentences 🤨

I believe I mentioned a friend that acted and thought the same way I did. We thought the same opinions. When we'd see FB posts of stupid people from our meetup group posting stupid things, we'd text each other almost at the same time with almost identical thoughts/comments. Sometimes we'd read our simultaneous posts, then respond with a lol right? Well, even our lol are sometimes sent at the same time.
You know how we speak to friends and start with a "Guess what?" or we respond to something we hear and we know the person we are about to talk to (usually bitch about) before mentioning his/her name? That was us.

However, in the past year, we seemed to have cut the cord without knowing it. Our thoughts aren't so much the same anymore. I think this self improvement thing I've been working on has changed us. I'm not a cynical as she is now. I'm not as upset as she is. I notice big time that she still regards a partner in life the biggest thing for her next to her family perhaps. For me, I"m not like that anymore. I still do want someone but they are now not going to be a majority stock holder to my heart and soul. That makes me sound a little mean huh? I don't mean to make it sound that way though. I just feel I need a more balanced life now. Jenny still is the same. Without a dude in her life, I think she feels less worthy she doesn't have the self esteem that I feel she should have.

I realize in the past two years, I went through some changes in life. I have a high level checklist of things I needed to do. I consciously made an effort to improve myself and sought counseling too as part of self improvement. I'd like to think this self improvement and the new me is now better than ever. I hope so anyway because the new me is the new me good or bad. It'd suck if I turned into a big or bigger asshole because I'm already dressed for whatever it is I've become. lol

So I bring Jenny up because she went back with her dude last week. This guy was barely making ends meet and was sort of satisfied with just that. No retirement. No future medical. Nothing, nada. Well, Jenny makes about $150K a year so their lifestyle was out of wack. They broke up for a bit. He comes back last week and they got back together again...for a week before she tells me he fooled her and he didn't change his work as he pretended to. She is now massively depressed and either can't sleep or just moping around. It's not good for her mental health and I worry about her.

Anyway, that's what my thoughts are this Sunday afternoon. I think about how we are not so much the same anymore where we could almost read each other's minds once. Hmmmm