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2020-08-02 10:32:13 (UTC)

Missing Him

It has only been three days since i saw Master but already i am missing Him. The COVID situation has spoiled us both into getting used to being together multiple times a week. But i know deep down that He is enjoying Himself with friends doing fun outdoor activities in the openness out west with a small group of close friends. He deserves some time away, and i admit i am somewhat jealous of his adventure.
Hubby and i were intimate last night but this morning i feel the onset of my monthly 4 or 5 days approaching. Master will be home Wednesday and i probably will still not be back to normal until Thursday or so, so anything He wants from me will be a little bit limited. But rest assured whatever He wants He will get.
i marvel at what we have created together. Repeatedly we say things that the other was about to say, or even say it simultaneously. The connection between us is electric. Rarely are we unable to realize what the other wants, needs, or is thinking. We share thoughts and perspectives on many personal, social and political levels. i have a hundred times said to myself and to Him that never in a thousand years would my circle of friends and associates ever believe that this otherwise demure professional woman is a closet whore to a Man that i absolutely adore and worship. i would do anything to please Him and i believe i am safe in saying that i believe the reverse to be true, too.
Enjoy your final three days Master. i anxiously await Your return midweek.
Forever Yours,

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