A Place to Vent
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2019-12-24 00:00:00 (UTC)


So my girlfriend broke up with me as I said so poetically in my last entry.

I loved Lucy: I trusted her; I told Lucy things that even my close friends and family don't know. Yet she still breaks my heart. I'd bought her a Christmas present and even saved up for a nice date but now all of that will go to waste.

I have days where I can't find the energy to ge out of bed anymore. I don't really eat that much anymore and I can't even find the energy to get up and take my anti-depressants anymore. Maybe if I had been better looking Lucy would have stayed or maybe it's because she got sick of dealing with my anxiety after I got attacked at the bus stop. Maybe I didn't give up enough time for her.

I keep going through the list of things I could have done differently in my head, but the fact is Lucy's gone and I'm never getting her back.

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