Live my life♥

me and my life
2020-08-02 05:56:39 (UTC)


All my posts these days are sad sad. M feeling so lethargic from few days. Like no motivation, physically and mentally drained. Because of periods and also because of what all going on at home. It's really disturbing. This man has made my life miserable.
I want to escape somewhere. Literally...
I plan for many things but i dnt do anything. M also going to change my YouTube channel. I dnt want Monku to keep track of my videos.
I just sleep, think and think.
Sometimes I miss monku alot. I would have gone to him stayed for a while. But he just doesn't care about me.
Today I sent mom out as she never supports us and wants to bring sleeping pills for him as he mentally torture her like insane. Just no reason to be happy about. Even if I had job I would have been busy in work. I miss momo too...