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Las Tortugas y Yo
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2020-08-02 05:14:44 (UTC)

Heavy heart

The last couple of day's I've been at my inlaws. My father in law has been agonizing slowly and painfuly so we are taking turns watching over him. He no longer eats and his blood count is way to low. His children decided not to take him to thw hospital but instead let nature take it's corse in the natural process of life.
Am glad to say this family was granted a great gift as he my father in law before loosing his speach got to say good by to all of them and ask for forgiveness for his faults. I would have given anything for that oportunity with my father.
I see my husbands sadness ritten all over his face as we know what's comming. I pray that he may find the peace he is needing to do what he needs to do. It breaks my heart to see him so fragile laying in that bed without streinth. I have cryed so much but try to stay strong for the family. May God have mercy on his soul.

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