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2020-08-01 19:52:27 (UTC)

Check-In for Today

Dear Diary,
Today I woke up pretty late; 1 PM to be exact. I woke up and ate some noodles. My mom was cooking something like curry I think. Today, both of our goldfish died. It was honestly really quick. We only got them 2 days ago. We still don't know why they died. I didn't cut yesterday. I only do it on one arm, because if I did it on both it would be more noticeable. My sister woke up real late though. She woke up like 3:50 or something. I've been feeling kinda empty lately, like I have no emotions or something. But at the same time I feel too much. Like right now I wanna cry but something is stopping me. My brain isn't working right. I don't know why. This entry is kind of just an update on myself. I'm so tired. Emotionally and physically too if I'm being honest. I wanna feel something but I can't. It hurts my head. I wanna sleep and just forget about my problems. I think school's about to start soon. I don't know if I'm gonna make it 7th grade. I hate online classes. My school is really good at depressing people. But it was kinda fun when there were fights. It brings people together in a really weird way. Anyways, I'm screwed. I signed up for online classes but I forgot the name of the website. I should've written it down or something but I'm an idiot so I didn't. I might stay back in 6th grade. I think I'll be the only one. I'm in TAG class which is for really smart kids. Don't know how I got in though. I feel like my friends will laugh at me or leave me. But I'm probably just over thinking. At least, I hope I am.