I don't even know
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2020-08-01 00:53:57 (UTC)

Happy Things

Dear Diary,
What makes me happy? I guess there are a few things. Some are stupid. Like rainy days, the cold, my pet fish I guess. Others are what keep me in this world. Family, BTS, Music and I guess that's really it. I would say friends but, they always leave. Rainy days are relaxing and always make me sleepy. It's dark and the house is usually quiet on rainy days. The cold is fun too. Ever since the AC got fixed, the house went from always being hot to being cold. I get to snuggle in my blankets and it's satisfying and comfortable. Though it seems small, my pet fish make me happy. When you get older, you start to appreciate the smaller things in life. Anything that will keep you from giving up. It can be as small as an atom to as big as an ocean. Just anything to make you smile a bit. Family's pretty explainable as to what makes me happy. BTS is, really what brings my mood up. They can help in loving yourself. I haven't been listening to much of them lately though. Food also makes me happy. It's good and distracts me from my feelings.