Truer than True

Through My Eyes
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2020-07-31 21:07:15 (UTC)


Since I’ve been having medical issues I’ve been at my sisters home with my two nieces. I’ve felt I’ve been a bother to them just based off of their behavior. Although my sister has sat down and told me to my face that I’m not, overall I feel I am. Last night I witnessed all three of them in a huddle talking. My sister claims it was because they heard something drop and they was trying to figure out what dropped. I’m grateful that my sister is letting me stay at her home but I do feel helpless. My license is getting suspended because of the medical issues I’ve been having resulting in my sister needing to drive me around to my appointments and to stores to get me some food so I’m not eating up theirs. I’m truly grateful for my sister for being here for me but I still can’t help that I’m a bother because I’m sleeping in her daughters room. I’m hoping I can truly find out what my medical issues is so I can get back to being independent.