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2020-07-31 21:06:39 (UTC)

Challenges for Friends Thurs:

Stay or Fold:
Hide and Go Veto:
Getting Loopy:
The Black Box:
Houseguests enter a black box. They must search around for items and place them where they need to go. The houseguest(s) that get the most the quickest will win the competition.
Last One Standing:
Time Highway:
Somewhere Over The Veto:
Perfect Shot:
Perfect Meal:
Match It:
BB Storm Watch:
An Offer You Can't Refuse:
BB Flix & Chill:
Dizzy Discs:
What The Bleep?:
Drunk Speeches:
Diary Room Confessions: (only for all cast):
The competing houseguests will have to spin around while holding onto metal bars above their heads. After a certain amount of time, a barrier will drop, allowing the house guests to attempt to roll a ball towards bowling pin shaped targets on the other side. After a certain amount of time, the barrier will rise again, requiring the house guest to repeat the process.
Caged Eggs:
Ready, Set, Woah:
Tumblin' Dice:
Sequence Explosion:
The houseguests will be given a large object and a number of smaller, differently-colored but otherwise identical items relating to the main object (for example: a bomb and its wires, a flask and several chemicals, etc.)
To stay in this competition, the houseguests must either cut the correct wire or pour in the correct ingredient each round.
A sequence of these items will play on a monitor in front of the houseguests. They will then be instructed to cut a specific wire or pour in a specific ingredient (i.e. "Cut the third wire that appeared in the sequence", "Pour in the chemical that appeared the most in this sequence")
The houseguest must then display which item they will be cutting/using, and then use it.
If the houseguest chose the correct item, they will advance to the next round. If they chose the wrong item, the large object will explode on them and they will be eliminated.
The last houseguest standing wins the Power of Veto.
Punch, Slap, Kick: