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2020-07-31 12:45:48 (UTC)

So I was asked why I'm not with anyone 🤨

My landlord asked why I'm not with anyone. He's cool and we chat when he comes to do some maintenance at the house. I pretty much just shrugged and told him I dunno and made up some silly answer. But of course, when I had time to think by myself, I had to really think about it. I remember my past and there was a time in my life I never was alone. Or I'm with someone for some time. Nowadays? Not so active.

So why? I thought about it and I think I know. I seem to be in no rush. Alone is not lonely and I'm not lonely. Some people I think are afraid to be alone so they either settle or stay in a crappy relationship that they hate. I know they're out there because I read your diaries on here. Some people I think need validation by having others wanting them. Well, again that's not me anymore. I don't need validation from anyone to feel how I feel about myself.

So that's why I'm in this current state. I'm not lonely. I don't need validation from anyone to like myself. I'm not desperate to be with someone. I'm not afraid being with just me. So that's why I'm not married or hooked up with anyone yet. I know I'm now really choosy. There were some possibilities but I didn't go and chase them. It was not someone that I thought would be very awesome to be with in the long run. There were some pretty ones so that's not it. I now know I was looking deeper than just that. I like how I'm not desperate to just be with someone so I think I'm in a good place.

I think I like the new me. Don't know how I got here but I like it. Hope this guy never goes away :)

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