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Fire Fighter
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Fire Fighter

Recurring Survivor Challenge
A recurring accuracy challenge
Cook Islands
Heroes vs. Villains
Edge of Extinction
Fire Fighter (also known as Pass the Bucket, Mazed and Confused, and Stuck in Love) is a recurring challenge in Survivor.

Castaway must retrieve sea water with a bucket and throw to a tribemate. The final tribe member must catch the water itself in another bucket, and use it to fill a jar. The tribes must repeat this until they have enough weight in their jar to lower it to the ground, sending a lit flame up to a fire tower, or allowing them to move on to the next section of the challenge.

When used as a Loved Ones Challenge, the castaways may or may not be blindfolded. They must retrieve sea water in a bucket, and then toss it into their loved one's bucket, who will then pour it into a bucket attached to a flag. Once that bucket becomes heavy enough, it will raise the flag, winning the pair reward.

In Vanuatu, the challenge was used as the last tribal reward. One tribe member must race into the ocean to fill a bucket with water. Then they must bring it back and toss it to a tribemate. The bucket must be tossed twice more, and the final tribe member must catch the water itself in another bucket, and use it to fill a jar. The tribes must repeat this until they have enough weight in their jar to lower it to the ground, sending a lit flame up to a fire tower. First tribe to light their fire wins reward. Both tribes had trouble getting the water into their final castaway's bucket. However, Chris Daugherty managed to catch water more easily by getting low to the ground, allowing Lopevi to take the lead and win reward.

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In Cook Islands, blindfolded players will retrieve seawater in a bucket and throw the water to their guiding loved one, who pours it into a barrel, which will eventually lower and raise a flag. The first castaway to raise their flag wins. Parvati Shallow won the challenge despite her injured finger.

In Heroes vs. Villains, the version of the challenge used was the same as Cook Islands, but the contestants were not blindfolded. Jerri Manthey won the challenge and chose Parvati Shallow, Sandra Diaz-Twine, and their relatives to join her and her sister in reward.

In Cagayan, one player retrieve water with a bucket and toss to other players until another bucket in a teeter-totter. Once that bucket is full, it will release a ball. Two players would put the ball in the center of a spinning vertical maze, and use two ropes to spin the maze until the ball is out of it. First two tribes to finish, wins immunity and reward. Aparri held the lead for most of the challenge and eventually emerged victorious. Luzon recovered from an early blunder to defeat Solana in the puzzle portion of the challenge, and clinched their only immunity win.

When the challenge reappeared in Edge of Extinction, castaways were once again competing with their loved ones, with the challenge being identical to its Heroes vs. Villains counterpart. Ultimately, Ron Clark and his husband won the challenge, earning themselves a picnic back at camp. Ron chose to take Gavin Whitson and Julie Rosenberg, along with their loved ones, with him on the reward.

Winners of this challenges:
Yassi R, Margarita Redona, Ina A, Danelly H, Gerika G, Briseda C.

O - Black Water:
The castaways are divided into two teams of five. One at a time, each castaway will cross an obstacle course. Once all five members have completed the course, they will dive into the water for a grappling hook, which they will use to secure five rings. The first team to grab all their rings wins.

Winners of the Challenges: (only two teams of five only):
Team 1: Marjorie E, Margarita Redona, Ernie E, Mau Mau, and Dayan L.
Team 2: Alexis Blitz, Bri Villarreal, Pau Pau Mia, Eugenio Revilla (Not Nate D), and Anissa B.
Stairway to Heaven:
The tribes must place twelve poles of varying lengths into their holders to form a staircase, and then run up it. One at a time, three ride a zipline to a pontoon, grab a bag of puzzle pieces, and swim back, then all three climb a ladder back to the platform, where the final three solve the puzzle.
Winners of the Stairway To Heaven:
Team Top of the world: Daniel A, Valeria A, Pau G, Ione A and Revilla.
United We Stand:
Winners: Karina A, Marga R, Ione A, Pau Robledo and Kiara Sevilla. (spoilers: Grecia is crying because of the challengers are lost for the distance)
Troubled Water:
Winners: Grecia A, Ione A, Dani B, Tony R, and Carlo R. (Carlo is new)
Kicking and Screaming: (three castaways please):
Three castaways per tribe would sit and hold onto a pole for as long as they can. Two members from the same gender would pull a member from the rival tribe and same gender off the pole to a mat. Once they get the person to touch the mat in any way possible then the next two castaways go. The first tribe to get all the castaways to touch the mat wins the challenge.
7 Winners: Margarita Redona, Elena Dukes, Eugenio R, Marjorie E, Torres Lozano, Rolando, and Jose S. (at the tip for the interview: Torres Lozano and Marga)
Rescue Mission:
At the challenge, a given number of tribe members will be taken out into the wilderness. The remaining competitors race to find their tribe mate(s) and carry them back to the mat on the stretcher. The first tribe to "rescue" all of their tribe mates wins the challenge.
Mud Pack: (3 winners)
Under a time limit, tribe members dive into a mud pit and cover their body with as much mud as they can. They then race back and scrape it off into a bucket. They cannot carry mud in their arms or in their hands, only their body. The buckets are then weighed, and the castaway with the heaviest bucket wins.
Hot Pursuit:
While harnessed together, the two competing tribes will circle around an oval course (either in shallow water or on land) while carrying a twenty-pound backpack each (or similar heavy load). Players can drop out of the challenge at will, but they must give their weight to a tribemate before unclipping themselves from the rope. The first tribe to catch the opponent and touch one of their members wins.
Out on a Limb (challenge):
Castaways must race through a giant course, which branches out into several limbs, to collect items. They must then bring these items back to a central island. Beginning with Cook Islands, castaways would have to collect bags of puzzle pieces, then use the puzzle pieces to solve a puzzle. The first to solve their puzzle wins.
Cannonball Run:
Castaways must race to obtain pieces of a puzzle that they must use to build a table maze, by either crossing a balance beam or traversing a rope bridge. They must then maneuver a ball through the maze, avoiding trap holes along the way. The first person to solve their puzzle and maneuver their ball through to the finish wins.
Each tribe member will stand on top of a wooden pillar in the water. At random points, Jeff will tempt the Survivors to jump down by bribing food items. The last person left standing wins immunity.
Winners: Bibiana R. (only two constants at a time!)
Sacrificial Lamb:
Castaways (one or two) are connected to a rope wound through a series of obstacles. The "sacrifices" would move throughout the course with the aid of their teammates. The first group to finish the course wins.
Witch Hunt: (1 win)
The host begins the challenge by telling the castaways a story about local folklore. When the story is ended, the castaways run to stations where they will be asked a question about the story they just heard. Answering the question correctly would allow the contestant to collect an item, while giving an incorrect answer would force the castaway to complete a task (typically discarding a pointless item) before they are able to return to the station and answer the question correctly. The first person to get back to the starting point with all their items would win.
Win: Oscar Gomez
Lock, Load and Light: (10 winners)
The tribes must run up and over two sand mounds, assemble a puzzle boat, using unique braces to hold it together, row out to a cauldron, light a torch, row back, remove the braces, and take them to the starting line. Two players will use 16 puzzle pieces to assemble blocks representing compass directions, then the tribe fits the blocks and braces into a climbing wall and climbs up to light a fire bale. The first tribe to do so would win.
Smash and Grab:
A given number of tribe-members must swim out to a platform and climb up to a high platform. They take a club and jump out over the water, attempting to smash a tile which holds a key. Upon retrieving the key, they return to shore and the next contestant begins the circuit. Once all keys have been retrieved, the remaining tribemates use the keys to unlock a box and complete the final phase of the challenge: either a puzzle or a carnival throwing-game.
Blind Leading the Blind: (4 or 8 people at a time!)
One castaway from each tribe would work as a caller, directing their blindfolded tribemates in collecting items spread out in a field and returning them to their tribe's designated area. Once all of the items have been gathered, a second portion of the challenge (typically a puzzle) would occur. The first tribe to complete this portion of the challenge would win.
Winners: Princess Beltran, Margarita, Grecia V, Bryana Alejandra, Aletse, Brisa Yassi, Rolando R and Mau Mau A.
Quest for Fire:
In most iterations of the challenge, tribes will have a vehicle fitted with a fire cauldron and two torches. The tribes will use the torches to light a series of torches or woks both on land and in the water. All members must have their hands on the raft at all times. The first tribe(s) to reach the finish win(s).
The Maze:
The contestants (sometimes in tribes, but usually individually) head into a labyrinth of passages, corridors, and turns. They have to reach a certain number of checkpoints either in order or any order they wish, collecting an item at each one. After they collect all their items, contestants must find their way out of the maze. Mazes have also been done where the castaways are blindfolded, called Braille Maze. (1-7 Winners)
Won of the Maze: Margarita Redona, Ashley Marie, Marco A, Mariana C, Damaris Lopez, Haydee Nico, and Alex C. (Damaris, Mariana C, Haydee Nico and Alex are officially new)
Scattered in a challenge arena are numerous pairs of matching objects or symbols hidden under covers. One at a time, contestants will enter the field and uncover two items. If they match, they (or their tribe) score a point. If the items do not match, they are re-covered and the next contestant takes their turn. The first tribe/contestant to score a designated number of points, or the tribe/contestant with the most points when all covers have been unveiled wins the challenge. (8 winners)
Butch Cassidy:
Each tribe starts on a raised platform. One by one each tribe member must jump off the platform and re-assemble at a certain point. Once all the tribe members have reached the meeting point they must race to a final point. The first tribe to reach the final point wins.
Fallen Comrades:

Shoulder the Load:

contestants would stand on the top of a perch over the water. Upon starting the challenge, they would toss a bucket into the ocean and collect water which would then be poured into a bamboo chute, causing a flag to rise. The first person to grab their flag would win.
Chinese Zodiac Symbols:
Played in a series of rounds, the host will show the castaways a list of symbols or colors. When the host has finished, the castaways must show the same symbols/colors that were presented to them in the order that was previously shown. Showing the wrong symbol would result in the castaway being eliminated from the challenge. The last contestant remaining would win.
Castaways must place a wooden statue on top of a pole. At regular intervals, they will add another section of pole, making it harder to balance. If the statue falls off, that person is eliminated. The last person with their statue on top of the pole wins. (note for the end of the game: Alexa G is crying because she didn't win for the 2nd place)
Won: Margarita Redona
Challenge Pitch:
The castaways would use sand bags to knock down a wall. Once the wall has been decimated, each tribe must rebuild their wall. The first team to finish rebuilding wins.
Winners: (3-9):
Rise and Shrine: (5-10 winners each):
Castaways must race through a series of obstacles before climbing up a large set of walls to the top of a tower, where they must complete a puzzle. The first tribe to finish their puzzle wins.
Winners: Margarita Redona, Ximena D, Itzel G, Samantha G, Bee Q, Karime S, Gerry S, Tony Serrano, Tony N, Ashley Robles, Cantu and Lugo Andi.
Draggin' the Dragon:
Tribes must push a cart through an obstacle course. Throughout the course, there are three towers from which tribes must retrieve a key to unlock a chest. Once they have collected all three chests, they must then take the cart apart, slide it through a barricade, put it back together, and make their way to the end. Two tribe members would then use the pieces inside the chest to assemble a giant dragon puzzle. The first tribe to solve their puzzle wins.
Dive Masters:
Each tribe must retrieve items attached to an underwater rope, with each progressive item being deeper than the one before it. The first tribe to retrieve all their items and finish a final task wins the challenge.
Wins: Team Solana: Margarita, Ash Robles, Redona, Linette and Brenda G.
Idol Hands:
Facing off one against one in a fenced off circle, a castaway from each tribe would hold a wooden idol on top of a platform that they would hold in one hand. They would use the other free hand to attempt to knock their opponent's idol off the platform. The castaway whose idol hit the ground last would score one point for their tribe.
Winners: (5): Margarita Redona, Anissa B, Mau A, Murguia, and Brittany M.
Each tribe uses a puzzle log to break through two sets of gates; then, they must turn, pull and push the puzzle log to navigate a maze that is worked into the surface of the log. Once the log is cleared from the maze station, the first tribe to hit a gong at the end of the course wins immunity.
Great Escape Run: (one or 8 winners)
Castaways must race to obtain ladder rungs either buried in sand or stored in a chest. When they have their rungs, they will build a ladder and climb up to the top. The first person to finish wins.
Winner: Elena Q
Station By Station:
Castaways must race out to a series of stations, with a certain number of objects at each station. When they count the objects, they would return to their station and use the numbers to open a series of combination locks. The first person to finish would win.
Winner: Margarita Redona
Cell Block Sea:
Castaways must race out into the water and swim over to their respective tribe's bamboo cage. Once the entire tribe has arrived, each person must climb up and over the cage wall and jump into the water. They must then retrieve a large item and bring it back to shore, where a final task would occur. The first tribe(s) to finish this final task would win.
Sea Legs:
Each player must balance on a floating platform at sea for as long as possible. Additional rule stipulations may require the contestants to remain in a specific position (such as a crouch, as in Pearl Islands) or may increase the difficulty by increments (from Panama onwards). The last person left standing wins immunity.
A Bit Tipsy:
The castaways must hold on to a rope attached to an unbalanced table to keep the table level. They must stack a wooden block on the table and hold on to the rope to keep the block upright. They must then retrieve one of nine wooden blocks from three stations while keeping all the blocks on the table upright. Once the block is retrieved, the castaway would have to stack the block on the table and retrieve the other blocks. Should any of the blocks fall, the castaway would have to return to the table and re-stack the blocks (or have to completely restart as done in Kaôh Rōng) before retrieving any more blocks.
Air Raid:
One at a time, members of each tribe must race up a tower and through a series of obstacles. Once they have made it to the top of the tower, they will each take turns launching sandbags with a giant slingshot, with each member being required to launch at least once, attempting to hit targets out in a field. After a target is hit, tribes are required to switch out members. The first tribe to hit all targets would win.
Game of Bridge:
Castaways must race to remove planks from a crate and use them as part of a bridge. Each plank is individual and will only fit in one spot. Once the bridge is complete, the castaways would tag out and remove the planks from the bridge, saving the ones with part of a puzzle on them. They would then collect the puzzle planks and solve a puzzle. The first person to finish wins.
Win: Andrea Lugo
Get Barreled:
Each tribe must race to retrieve ten barrels from a field and roll them back to a designated platform where the barrels must be placed upright. Once all the barrels are in place, one person at a time will attempt to land sandbags onto the top of the barrels. The first tribe to land a sandbag on each barrel would win the challenge.
Rod Screw-It: (8 players wins)
Each tribe must hop over a series of tables, then pull a lever release sixty sandbags, which tribes will need to collect. Using the small sandbags, they will need to hit spinning targets to raise flags. The first tribe to raise all of their flags wins.
Win: Kyla C, Alexa G, Margarita Redona, Marjorie E,
Roller Ball:
The castaways must stand on a small log while balancing a ball on a wooden disc. At regular intervals, more balls will be added onto the plate until there are three balls, which will increase difficulty. If at any time a ball falls off the disc or a castaway loses their footing on the log, they will be eliminated. The last castaway standing wins.
Win: Yassi R
Each castaway, usually with one hand tied behind their back, must drop a ball into a metal chute. The ball will travel down a spiraling metal track and exit out of one of two points (a turnstile gate in the middle of the track causes the balls to come out at alternate exits). The castaway must catch the ball and drop it back into the chute at the top. At designated intervals, an additional ball is added to the track until the maximum amount of balls are simultaneously in play. If a ball exits the track and is not caught at any time, the castaway is eliminated from the challenge. The last person standing wins.
Win: Anissa R
Stacked Up:
While standing on a wobbly balance beam, castaways must attempt to stack six sets of balls between sets of stands using a fork. The first person to finish their stack and return to their table without the stack falling over wins.
Win: Jenni R.
What-er Drag:
Castaways must race across a floating bridge to the end of the course while pulling a rope being woven out by a wench. When they reach the end of the course, they would grab either a bag of puzzle strips or clip themselves onto a puzzle piece. The tribe will then pull that person back by cranking the winch (in Philippines the castaways did not use either a floating bridge or a winch). Once all the puzzle pieces are back, tribe members will solve the puzzle.
Winners: Kyla C, Alexis B, Margarita R, Alex C, Mau A, Shelby Annis and Paulina F.
Rowers from each tribe would have to paddle out and pick up crates or their tribemates. The first tribe to finish wins. In Ghost Island, the teams were required to solve a puzzle after picking up their members.
The Ball Drop:

By Any Means Necessary:

Snake in the Grass: (please no screaming in this challenge)
Castaways must go over and under a series of hurdles to retrieve bags of puzzle pieces. The first three to finish will move on to the final round, where they have to use the puzzle pieces to solve a puzzle in the shape of a snake. The first contestant to finish their snake puzzle wins.
Win: Kassie H
Around the Bend:

Boulder Smash:

Jungle Relay:

Thrash, Splash & Bash:

Swing Break:

Wrist Assured:

Survivor Auction:

Strung Out:

A Crate Idea:

Better Homes and Island Living:

Ballin' A Jack:

Nut Bucket:

Operation Balance Build:
The castaways have to attach a small wooden bowl to a prong at the end of a long pole to maneuver it through a metal structure. The structure is mounted on a spring in order to increase the difficulty. Once they have the piece through the structure, they have to sit it at the top. The first castaway to stack all their bowls on top each other, or have the most bowls stacked by the end of the time limit win.
Win: Marjorie E
New School:
Tribes must send a number of members to swim out and untie a net with 14 fish puzzle pieces. After taking the net back to the shore, they must untie the puzzle pieces from the net and hang them onto hooks, then carry the log with the hooks to a puzzle station, where the last two tribe members would use the puzzle pieces to complete a puzzle. The first tribe to complete their puzzle wins. (5-6 Winners)
New Tribe Member:
The tribes would have to untie a tall dummy (acting as their "new tribe member"). The tribes must then navigate the dummy through an obstacle course. The first tribe to cross the finish line wins.
Blue Lagoon Bustle:
Tribes must race out into the water and swim through a series of obstacles (a net crawl, a barrel roll, and crate staircase) to retrieve puzzle pieces, then paddle back to shore. The remaining players from each tribe must then finish the final task on shore. The first tribe to complete the final task wins.
Beyond the Wheel: (one team)
Three tribe members sit in a boat, which four other members are tethered to. The swimmers must get the boat to a tower, where the three passengers will collect three sets of keys. The swimmers must then get the boat to a platform, where they must use the keys to release puzzle pieces, which they must then use to solve a puzzle. The first tribe to solve their puzzle wins.
Win: Team In The Drama: Paloma C, Analis H, Sabby H, Connor H, Nicole Anne, Juan Pablo L, Andrea Jade,
Box Your Mind:
Castaways are all given a series of symbols or items. They must memorize these symbols/items, then replicate them at their station. The first person or team to correctly recite all their symbols wins (or scores a point for their tribe in One World and in Worlds Apart). (7 winners each)
Piranha Feast: (Do not eat the piranha):
Using only their mouths, the castaways must rip pieces of meat off a large roast animal and place them into a basket. The tribe with the most meat (by weight) in the basket after a given amount of time wins.
Pilfering Pirates:
A narrow series of bamboo walkways connect four boats, two for each tribe. The tribes race to steal items from the opposing tribe's boats, with the first tribe to steal a given number of items winning the challenge. In a specified "attack zone" in the center of the course, contestants are permitted to physically engage their opponents and push them off the course.
Pole Dancing:
Survivors must race to untangle a series of ropes while attached to the rope at the waist. When they feel that have collected enough rope, they will race to the finish line to complete one final task. The first person to finish wins.
Q and A (challenge): (1 person wins the game)
The challenge always starts the same: each of the castaways would fill out a questionnaire about the tribe in private, then the results would be tallied and the challenge would begin. The questions would be posed to the group and the castaways would guess whose name was written most often. Whoever got the question right could strike against another castaway. This is denoted by chopping a rope attached to a battering ram, which would hit the castaway's representative effigy. After 3 strikes, the significant idol/mask/ceramic statue/voodoo doll would be destroyed, eliminating that player from the challenge.
Build It Up, Break It Down:
By the Numbers:
Caught in the Web:
Coconut Juice:
Fire Fighter: (sorry about the mistakes):
Castaway must retrieve sea water with a bucket and throw to a tribemate. The final tribe member must catch the water itself in another bucket, and use it to fill a jar. The tribes must repeat this until they have enough weight in their jar to lower it to the ground, sending a lit flame up to a fire tower, or allowing them to move on to the next section of the challenge.

When used as a Loved Ones Challenge, the castaways may or may not be blindfolded. They must retrieve sea water in a bucket, and then toss it into their loved one's bucket, who will then pour it into a bucket attached to a flag. Once that bucket becomes heavy enough, it will raise the flag, winning the pair reward.
Winners of this challenges:
Yassi R, Margarita Redona, Ina A, Danelly H, Gerika G, Briseda C.
End of the Line:
Castaways must sprint along a trail of ropes and must find a series of checkpoints. Along the way, they would come to a junction. To get past, they must place another carabiner on the other part of the rope then unclip the first. Castaways must cling on to the carabiner at all times. At each checkpoint, there are several ropes that lead to the next checkpoint. Otherwise, there are also several ropes that lead to dead ends. If that happens, they must backtrack to their last checkpoint and start over. The first person to reach the end of the trail wins.
Winners: Bri Villareal
Float Your Boat: (1 Team Win)
Survivors must race to remove rocks that are piled up inside the tribes boat sunken at the bottom of the ocean. Once enough rocks are removed, the tribes would race to bail out the water and paddle to shore. First tribe to reach the finish would win.
Winners: Team Blue 2 ( Jessi F, Nadia R, Justin G, Jonny S, Aletse F, and Andrea L)
Players are harnessed into a six-point sliding hub and must maneuver themselves along a marked course to the finish line. In Survivor: Micronesia, tribes would also have to collect puzzle pieces to decode a phrase to complete the challenge. The first tribe to finish (either reaching the finish line or solving the puzzle) wins.
Winners: Team Green: Carolina A, Bianca Q, Grecia A, Andrea A, Jerry S,Paula A, Tony Serrano and Alex Corona.
Crocodile Rock:

Faulty Towers:

Squared Off:
Each contestant starts the challenge at the edge of a gameboard comprised of several six-sided tiles (or in its debut season, a grid of square tiles). One at a time, contestants will take one step onto a new tile (turning it over to show a designated color). Contestants are not allowed to step onto a space that has already been used. When a castaway has no more legal moves, they are eliminated from the challenge. Last person standing wins.

Often, additional rules are included, such as certain tiles giving contestants advantages or penalties.
Winner: Santi W (he joined the Survivor game challenge)
Floating Puzzle:
Survivors must race to obtain puzzle pieces out in the water. They would swim down and unhook the piece, then bring it back to the tribe. Once all the pieces are back, they would solve the puzzle. The first tribe to finish the puzzle wins.
Winner: (Team Purple: Minshew A, Marga R, Marjorie E, Dani B, Thea Lopez, Ithalee R and Anissa R)
Get Hooked:
Step on Up:

TLP O-Course:

Jail Break:
When used as a tribal challenge, players are locked in a makeshift jail cell and shackled. To escape, players must use the resources provided to create a long pole to retrieve three keys. These keys are to be used to unlock their shackles and they must then dig out of the cell. The first tribe to get all of their members out of the cell would win.
Win: (7 members: Jenny R, Alexa Patricia, Marga R, Kiana R, Ruben R, Celeste L, and Ivan L)
House of Cards:
Each castaway begins the challenge with 150 to 200 wooden tiles. Using the tiles, they must build a house of cards up to a certain height. The first person to reach this target height would win. However, if there is a specified time limit, the person with the tallest house of cards when time expires would win.

The Teeter Tower variant complicates the challenge by requiring castaways to build the house of cards with one hand, while using the other hand to steady a wobbly platform on which the tower is built.
Won: Diana M
Hear About It Ladder:
Castaways must swim out to a giant ladder jutting out over the water, climb it, leap into the water, and dive down to retrieve buoys. They must then use the buoys to score in several baskets. The first team to score in all their baskets wins.
Win: (8 members: Valeria M, Marga R, Kailee N, Jenny R, Sal S, Roman S, Dariana N and Dani P)
Survivor Quiz Show:
Must answer the question
Win: Abby M
Stomp-ede: (hero duet)
Each castaway/tribe is given several items and instructed to stomp on a plank of wood, catapulting one item at a time into a basket atop a tower. The first person/tribe to land all items in the basket would be the winner.
Win: Team Yellow: Natalie A, Dani B, Dhani A, Jorge A, Jorge T, Sam V, Leslie C and Sofia A.
The Obstacle Course:
Castaways must race through a series of physical and mental obstacles. The first tribe, team, or individual to complete the course wins.
Team Winner: Team Powderpuff Girls
Tomb Raider:
three players run along a path through a field (crisscrossing the other tribe's several times) to reach one of four stations, untie a giant hanging skull-shaped puzzle piece, and haul it back. Then, the two others take the pieces and place them into rotating pieces on a solving platform until they all fit.
Winners: Brenda Vera, Brenda G, Margarita Redona, Major E, Mau Mau A and Torres
Uncomfortably Numb:
Winners: Torres, Margarita Redona, Aime G, Esteban Godinez, and Alexa Patricia. (Alexa Patricia crying)
Keel Hauling:
The contestants are divided into heats. In the first round, contestants race across a pontoon and dive into the water. Using a rope suspended beneath the platform, they pull themselves, underwater, to the other end. Upon climbing back onto the platform they must jump back in the water and do it again. The first two contestants to complete two laps move on to the final heat. In the final heat, the castaway had to do five laps and upon surfacing, they must transfer a medallion from one side of the platform to another, one key at a time. The first person to transfer all their five keys to the other side of the platform wins immunity.
Winners: Alex C or Eugenio R.
Kitty Litter:
The contestants must collect three rings and, once they have collected them, must throw them onto a target where they will be hooked.
Winners: (Mauro G, Rolando R, Eugenio R and Aime G)
Ladder Tree Golf:
Castaways must toss bolas and land them onto a pole target, similar to a game of ladder toss. The first tribe to get the required number of bolas onto the pole wins.

In its debut season, One World, the challenge instead required each castaway to toss one bola and attempt to land it on one of the rungs of the pole, numbered 1 to 5. The team with the highest total score wins.
Winners: Team In the World (Margarita Redona, Aira G, Angelina G, Mauro G)
Lock, Load and Light: (Three Teams)
The tribes must run up and over two sand mounds, assemble a puzzle boat, using unique braces to hold it together, row out to a cauldron, light a torch, row back, remove the braces, and take them to the starting line. Two players will use 16 puzzle pieces to assemble blocks representing compass directions, then the tribe fits the blocks and braces into a climbing wall and climbs up to light a fire bale. The first tribe to do so would win.
Winners: (Team Purple: Margarita Redona, Tony Serrano, Sophia A, Geovanna G, Alyssa Jade A, Marifer A, Rolan R, Alli B), (Team Green: Marjorie E, Pau B, Alyssa C, Paulina G, Paloma C) and (Team Brown: Claudio C, Tony Rubio, Alexa C, Erika N, Karzali F)
Letter Hunt:
The castaways would race into a field to collect three bags containing letter tiles. Each time they untie a bag, they must bring it back to their station. Once they have collected all three bags they would untie them and start working on the two-word phrase. The first person to solve the phrase correctly wins immunity.
Win: Yassi R.
Get Your Goat:
Missing the Rules, sorry.
6 Winners: Brisa Yassi, Margarita Redona, Bee Q, Bella Q, Murguia and Itzel E. (Team Powderpuff)
Sprung A Leak: (8 Winners)
One tribe or team must sink the other's boats. The first tribe or team to do so wins. (Vivi got the medical problems)
Winners: (Team In The Spark: Marga R, Pau R, Nadia R, Salvador S, Dani Amores, Emely B, Ashley Marie B and Ernie A)
Last Gasp: (1 winner only)
The players must swim under a steel grate and stay above the water. As the tide rises, player will run out of breathing room. If the fear of drowning is too much, that person can bail out. The last person still in the grate wins the challenge.
Log Jam:
There is a revolving log over a pit of mud or water. All castaways will compete against each other in one-on-one matches. Whoever outlasts their opponents wins.

In team and tribal based challenges, the winner earns a point for their team or tribe. The tribe who reaches a certain amount of points win.
Losing Face:
The castaways must race across a series of obstacles before getting to a slingshot at the end of the course. Using the slingshot and the provided ammunition, the castaways would attempt to knock down a number of targets. The first tribe to knock down all their targets wins.
Matt Finish:
Castaways must race across a series of obstacles, sometimes having to collect a bag of balls along the way. They must then attempt to land each ball on a narrow perch. The first tribe to land their balls on the perch wins.
Winners: (6 members: Brisa D, Marie P, Amy L, Paola Eunice, Jane P and Marga R)
Matchmaker: (4-7 Winners)
Everyone is given a box with a certain number of items. One at a time, each castaway will ask someone on either tribe for a certain item. If the person asked has the item, they score a point for their tribe. The tribe with most matches win. In All-Stars, once someone's box is empty, that person is out of the game.
Winners: Alexa Patricia, Margarita Redona, Paola L, Dulce M, Rolando R, Oscar G and Maya M.
Vertically Challenged:
Castaways must race up a series of steps to the top of a tower and retrieve a bag of puzzle pieces/a key. Once retrieved, they would race down a large slide to the bottom of the tower and place their bag/key at their puzzle station, and head back for the next one. Once all the bags/keys were collected, they would use them to build a vertical puzzle. The first person to finish the puzzle wins.
Winner: Bella C
Vampire Bats:
The castaways have to hang on a bar for as long as they can. Once you drop, you lose. Last person left wins.
Winner: Dyhana C
Rock n' Roll:
Each tribe works to navigate a large boulder through a series of obstacles (either natural or man-made), whilst accomplishing small tasks along the way (such as collecting flags or keys). The first tribe to get their boulder onto their designated pedestal wins the challenge.
Winners: (9 members: Jane P, Bella Q, Marga R, Dyhana C, Barbara R, Tony Rubio, Alyssa R, Rolando R and Andrea R)
Quest for Fire:

Spear-it Hunt:

Choose Your Weapon:

Swahili Scramble:

Snake Island Relay:

Angry Chair:
One person from each tribe or team will race through a series of obstacles to a chair. The rest of the tribe or team will then lift the chair, allowing that person to retrieve 10 numbered bags. Once they have collected the 10 bags, the next person will go, retrieving the next 10 bags, and so on. Once all 30 bags have been collected, the tribe or team must use the 30 letter tiles to solve a word puzzle. The first tribe or team to complete this wins.
Winners: (9 members: Marga R, Ione A, Alyssa R, Alexia R, Alexia L, Celeste L, Jorge T, Pau B and Alexa Patricia)
Push Me, Pull You:
The castaways must pull on two metal bars for as long as they can to apply tension in order to keep a heavy metal bar from slipping and breaking their tile. The last person standing with a bar in their hands wins.
Win: Karla R and Mary Rose R
Slither Me Timbers:
The castaways' feet are tied together and their arms are bound to their sides. One at a time they must slither through the sand through a series of obstacles before completing a final objective.
Win: (8 Members: Emilio C, Sal S, Leeza A, Marga R, Zay D, Valeria A and Ana Gomez)
Sea Crates:
Castaways must retrieve four large crates (when used as a tribal challenge) or small blocks (when used as an individual challenge), each with a different color on each side. Once all four crates are retrieved, the crates must be stacked so that one color does not show more than once on each column. The first tribe to complete the puzzle wins.
Winners: (10 members: Alexa Patricia, Marga R, Dani B, Celeste L, Murguia, Dayan L, Alexandra M, Gil O, Jorge T and Karina P)
Broken China:
Castaways would hold a handle connected to a base and would stack dishes on one end of the beam. If any dishes would fall off that person would be eliminated. The last castaway left standing would win immunity.
Win: Sergio H (He has the brothers already)
Pot Head:
Snag, Drag and Bag:
Castaways must race to smash a series of tiles using a metal ball or coconuts. The first person/team to finish wins.
Race to Shore:

SOS Signal:

Rice Race:

Dear Liza: (It was not Liza Soberano):
Each tribe will race to fill a large bucket with several holes on the side with water. They will then transport the bucket through a series of obstacles and dispose of the water into a large troth. The first tribe(s) to fill their troth and raise their tribe flag win the challenge.
Win: Christine N.
Running Down a Dream:
Castaways must toss two balls into an overhead track and navigate through tripwires to catch the ball before it hits the ground. Once both balls have been caught, they must dig their way under a log with their two balls before accomplishing a final task.
Win: Frida M
Schmergen Brawl:
In a walled-surrounded arena, three members of each tribe would battle for control of three balls. Once a castaway gets control of a ball, they would pass the ball to three other tribe members standing on an elevated platform who would then attempt to throw the ball through the opposing tribe's basket, situated at the opposite end of the arena. One point would be scored when a ball is made in the basket. After every point, the tribes would change who was in the arena and on the platform. The first tribe to score the required number of points, would win the challenge. In Samoa, three points were needed, while in Heroes vs. Villains, two points were required.
Win: (Team Blue: Margarita Redona, Marjorie E, Norma A, Geovanna G, Tony R, Rolando R, Jorge M, Chelsea D, Jorge T, and Amanda E)
Sea Salvage:
certain number of tribe members will race out to a floating platform. Then they will dive into a cage to pull out bamboo poles in order to release the item needed to complete the final objective. After gathering all of the needed items, they will race back to shore. The first tribe to complete the final objective wins.
Win: Pau Pau O.
Shooting Gallery: (1)
Survivors must use a war gun to shoot and destroy a series of targets scattered out in the arena. The first tribe/person to eliminate all of their targets will be the winner of the challenge.
Win: Sabrina O
Dulcimer Stomp: (7)
The teams would begin by unspooling ribbons from a pole to release a key. Once they have the key, they would build a ladder. One person would climb to the top of the ladder and use that key to release a bag of balls. They would then make their way through a net sling to the finish, where they would attempt to land those balls in a series of targets by stomping to release them. The first team to get one ball in each of the five targets wins.
Win: Pau B, Margarita R, Gabby E, Andrea E, Andrea Leal, Kimberly E and Marjorie E.
Fast Fire: (6 wins)
Given an ample amount of fire-making essentials, contestants are to make a flame high enough to burn through a rope, raising a flag (in some cases, light a torch). First player to do so wins the challenge.
Win: Gabby E, Rolando R, Jonny S, Margarita Redona, Melissa E and Marjorie E.
Do-It-Yourself Challenge: (10)
There is no rules.
Win: Margarita Redona, Marjorie E, Melissa E, Pau B, Nadia R, Sarai V, Eileen P, Valeska D, Sophia P and Dani B.
Spoon Man: (1)
Each person will use a series of very small paddles to maneuver a ball through a series of obstacles. If at any point the ball drops, they will have to go back to the start. The first person to transfer three balls wins.
Winner: Dani P.
Last Gasp:
The players must swim under a steel grate and stay above the water. As the tide rises, player will run out of breathing room. If the fear of drowning is too much, that person can bail out. The last person still in the grate wins the challenge.
Winner: Ann F.
Wicker Flicker:
Each tribe selects a given number of people to shoot balls from a slingshot into an open field. The remaining contestants spread out to designated locations and compete to catch the balls with either wicker baskets, a handheld net, or their bare hands. Every time a ball is caught (including balls fired by the opposing tribe) that tribe scores a point, and the first tribe to reach a given score wins the challenge.
Wins: Pablo R, Margarita Redona, Jeremy R, Marjorie E, and Cristine A.
Mask Match: (hero duo)
The contestants would be blindfolded during the challenge and must duplicate a mask with some pieces removed exactly like the mask at the starting point. The pieces are in three bags, which must be carried by the course, one at a time.
Win: (Team Red: Pablo R, Pau Nicole, Paulina R, Glenn R, Madelyn F, Tehani K and Jamie Faith M)
Chimney Sweep:

Stairway to the Stars:

Splash Back:

Shoot 'n' Shuffle: