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me and my life
2020-07-31 18:48:09 (UTC)


No matter how much I try but all bad news come on my way.
My class mate expired today in an accident such a painful news. His wife was expecting and he was the only breadwinner of the family. My heart aches really.. I know how it feels to feel Miserable. I pray God for his soul and his family.
I pinged monku today to ask abt his mom, also I miss him and the beautiful beautiful time we spent together. Never ever thought of seperating. How he taught me to ride a cycle, our car drives, our non stop talks nd he enjoying my craziness, cooking and many many things.
I miss his touch, voice and his eyes and all vibe which I felt when i was with him. While ending chat he said I miss u and I broke down. These many days I held back myself be there was jo space to cry out in my sisters presence I made myself busy with momo. But these days as they are away I long for him to talk and to know abt him, whether he doing fine or not.
I felt good, I miss him terribly. We both are going through a rough patch, very very and in a way that things are just not in our hands.
His job, mom, finance
My job wedding finance

I hope everything will fall on places very soon. I have hold boy hunt as of now. It's boring and I just can't imagine me doing this. I can not share that kinda comfort level with anyone except monku. We both had a thing. I dnt see anyone with whom I can be with. I know it happens with passing time stillllll....... I want monku. Will I find someone like him? I donno m messed up.
Let's see what turn life takes. Allah malik. Gn cya God bless everyone.