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2020-07-31 17:45:57 (UTC)

Rainy Day and Such

Dear Diary,
Alone at home with my siblings right now. They're in their own rooms, not bothering each other. It's also raining. Spring shower as they say, but it's Summer instead. It's beautiful. The rain calms me down. The breeze that's also blowing made me feel sleepy a bit, but that's probably because I'm already tired. I don't know what to do at home. Sometimes I watch anime, but even that can get boring sometimes. I like to eat my problems away but I'm just getting fatter. But it's okay because I exercise anyway, I think it's okay at least. I'm gonna get diabetes if I continue to eat so many sweets and not work out. My parents brought home Cheesecake yesterday. I love Cheesecake. They also brought home two goldfish, even though we've had so many already. They'll die in about a year or so, but I wanna take care of them correctly this time. I know this isn't like my usual entries, but I just wanted to write. I love writing. Started tearing up because I saw an animated girl smile (wtf?). I write so much. I can write at least 5 entries per day or even more. Gosh, I'm so boring.