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2020-07-31 09:06:44 (UTC)


Cried and slept most yesterday
My ex dropped off some already cooked food and paper plates

I was told by someone

“You are your tantrums”
Because I shut my phone off for 5 hours so I could medicate and sleep.

So, not only am I an Ass, and pout, now I’m also childish.
And they have enough balls to say I love you? I’m sorry. They didn’t even work today, gamed all day, and not once came to help me through this.

“I was back at work the next day after my kid died”

Um, ok.
Sounds to me like maybe you have no idea how to truly love someone.
Still cries when it’s her birthday, so never did grieve.

I don’t know.
My therapist is calling today.

I have a ton of guilt going through me.

I will update on that later.

I’m going to grab coffee and lay back down.

Been so sick I can’t hold anything in.

Thank you for the condolences. It’s greatly appreciated.
I’m struggling with it.
But I will get through it.

Back off to bed.