I don't even know
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2020-07-31 03:01:29 (UTC)


Dear Diary,
Jungkook has such a calming voice. He and the rest of BTS makes me feel like everyday will be a bit better. Music really is a wonderful thing to have. It saves you the ordeal of thinking and just lets your inner self out. Whether it be your emotions, dancing, singing, the scenario in your head; it has an impact on you one way or another. I like Rap, R&B, Pop I guess, Piano, sometimes Rock, K-Pop, Anime songs, Musicals, and some other genres probably. My playlists are just a roller coaster of emotions. One minute it's depressing, the next minute it's joyful, and then so on. I like making scenarios in my head with the songs I'm listening to. Sometimes I'm an assassin, sometimes royalty. All this coming from a twelve year old. It helps me cope with my emotions. I'm good at not crying. But when I start, I can't stop myself. When my best friend left me, I didn't cry. Nor did I think anything of it. She was my best friend of four and half years, yet I didn't cry or feel anything too heavy. Whatever; I'll talk about that another time. It's too long. Emotions are sort of a pain. I can't express my emotions well. But when I do, it hurts. I wonder why life is like this. Cruel. Unfair. Hard. But I shouldn't complain. Some people have it worse.