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Through My Eyes
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2020-07-31 01:04:04 (UTC)


What am I going to do about my job? I’m a Customer Service Representative and I need to be able to explain information to a customer, I can’t do that if my memory is not good. I’ve been with this company for thirteen years doing the same job and now I may have to change jobs because of memory issues. The doctors is saying I’m having seizures but I truly don’t know because I can’t recall anything at all. My sister has a recording of me and it looks like I just don’t know where or what I’m doing but I know I need to use the bathroom. However when I wake up in the morning everything seems normal like I just slept throughout the night. I hope I’m not going crazy but I’ve always felt for the last four months something is wrong because I’ve been having problems with my right side. I’ve always felt some type of pressure in my head, tingling in my right arm and leg but I’ve had an CT Scan and MRI Done and nothing has shown. I’m scheduled to have a EEG done next. I’m hoping that my problems can be resolved because I need a job to survive, without a job what am I going to do?