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2020-07-30 09:14:08 (UTC)

First Covid Paycheck cut 😱

Well, we got our first check with the 10% cut in pay. I work for the State and to meet the State budget, the worker bees always and is easily cut first. Thank you Governor NOT!!! He sure has no backbone when it comes to running this State. He funds the homeless to the point they are migrating to our State for all the goodies that they get. Then they cut our pay. Oh well.

Good news though. This cut in pay for all State workers was also the same time the IT State workers supposed to get that big 7.5 % raise. So whatever it is our Union did, the IT classified workers still got 5% of their raise and the Union also finagled something with our healthcare contributions. Grand total? I only lost $57.23 less a month in net pay. So...Woohoo!!!! Not such a tragedy after all. Well, it'll suck if you don't have an IT classification. Instead of the 2.5% raise they were going to get, they won't get that raise and they will get a 10% cut in pay.That will hurt them. I feel bad for them but can't do anything about it. I just won't rub it in and pretend to wallow in the troughs like my other non IT State worker friends. I just hope they don't ask me how much I am losing in pay because then I can't lie and will have to tell them the truth.

Otherwise, today is going to be a mellow day. I've been to the gym 3 times this week and it was tough. The last two days we were working out outside and it was ave in the temp of 100° F. Yesterday, almost all the gym peeps I knew and all were from my Sunrise gym that closed down awhile back. All except for one person and I sort of knew her too. But you could see all of us were hurting from two days of working out in that temperature.

Today will be #4 and it will still be just as hot. Today is also AMRAP day meaning as many reps as possible within a given amount of time. Very brutal on a hot day. Glad we at least got shade and I'll flirt with the newer workers there. Her name is Chloe but out of respect, we call all workers there "Coach and their 1st name". I think I may have mentioned to you folks that one day, Coach Chloe wore shorts in lieu of the normal but still hot gym spandex outfit. I commented and asked if she was trying to recruit new gym members and if that was the reason why she was wearing shorts that day. Haha. From that day one, we hit it off as far as just chatting as friends. So now, whenever she's there, she comes over to make nice small talk with me for a few min. And that's cool. Makes it a little easier to work out when you are comfortable with your surroundings.

Just like yesterday, working out I noticed and pointed out that all but one gym member were from the Sunrise location. Somehow, it made it easier to work out knowing you are surrounding by people you know or used to work out with. Dunno, can't explain the feeling. Sort of like being with an unofficial clique. I think I recall pointing this out on another workout to the gym peeps one day and as Coach Chloe passed us by, I jokingly said to her "Coach Chloe, you're new so you can't join our clique". lol She just shook her head and the rest of the gym peeps nearby just laughed and smiled.

Anyway, it's been a pretty good week. The hit we took with our checks is minimal and all the Engineers in my group are so relieved. We also can't forget, we do have 2 furlough days that we can use as a vacation so we actually don't lose our hrs in a way. We just get credited with two vacation days in a way and can take that anytime we accrue them.

My shoulder muscles hurt from this week's workouts. My quads hurt too so that's a good reminder that I'm still alive and hopefully still toning my body more. The very least, I get to make all those happy chemicals and puts my mind in peace and harmony. I've said this before, a lot of depressed people would be less depressed if they worked out. Or, it'll make happy people like me borderline crazy happy. haha. The weekend is coming around so quickly, it's almost here. Woohoo!! And it's payday baby!! Amazon will be my best buddy shortly.