Do Not Disturb

2020-07-30 14:08:03 (UTC)

My Crush

I like this guy at my job for a while now and no its not the guy that has a girlfriend who is pregnant but everyone think she's lying about her pregnancy because her belly would've been growing by now. But we don't say that to her face. I saw him the other day not yesterday but Tuesday and I accidentally bumped into him because I did and the weirdest but greatest thing happend. We had a moment. And its like when I bumped into him he had his arm around my waist and I tried pulling away but he wanted me closer somehow. I know right weird. But l liked it yes. But I'm not gonna be into thinking he likes me because whenever I think a guy I like likes me back they don't.

I doubt it though. He probably just wants me sexually like all guys do unfortunately. But I mean I could be a great girlfriend to someone someday. Maybe I just need to date older guys but that I have been doing and I'm still single. The guys that I dated in high school were ASSHOLES and could go to hell for all I care. I had to save my word their. I guess I haven't found the right one. But.. Is their such thing as the right one ? I wish God can just show us where that right person he found us for is. God, if the right person is out their for me.. Where is he ?

Because I'm tired of being hurt and used.

Mood : So Lonely

- A

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