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2020-07-29 23:24:46 (UTC)


I try to do one nice thing a day, For today and the next two days my nice thing was/is volunteering to paint murals all over our new school building. Because of COVID my school had rented out another building for freshman and sophomores. The building looks like something out of a horror movie. It’s so janky.

When I volunteer to work in this sketch ass building, I thought I would be painting stenciled letters and paw prints. Nope. I was made project manager and told I am in charge of deciding what goes where and getting everything ready on time. We have to free draw everything! And did I mention there is no AC in this building and we work from 9 to 3. I better get a hell lot of brownie points for it.

In better news, I am going on a date tomorrow night! I am very nervous because it’s a meet the parents type thing! Wish me luck!