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2020-07-29 06:58:12 (UTC)

Woke up way too early ☹️

I don't know why but I felt refreshed even though I woke up way to early. Usually, I can hit the snooze button for a bit. Actually, it's I tell Alexa to snooze. I don't even have to lift a finger. I can keep my eyes closed and just barely mumble something that resembles English and Alexa does it all for you. But not today.

Today, I'm up before 6AM which is rare on a week night. I don't know how because yesterday's gym was brutal. It was what we called Tabata Tuesday so that's some intense cardio. Again, our State is in it's Covid situation so gyms can only be done outside. Fortunately, our gym has a nice parking lot that we closed off and there is a concrete overhang that makes it sort of like a tunnel. Thank goodness for the shade because it was around 105° F yesterday. So yeah, it was fricking hot! I could see the sweat dripping off of my face dripping into the bosu ball. I got there early too by 1/2 an hr so I could do some extra jump roping for some cardio.

There is this new sort of assistant coach. She won't ever teach a class. She's more admin. Does the paperwork and helps out sanitizing the equipment after we're done. She's cute for sure and I may or may not have flirted a little with her. Just to keep the man to woman tension noticeable but friendly. But that's all it will be. Just adult but friendly flirting enough to get favored as one of the fun members of the gym is all.

Oh, and I confess I was chatting with Blue Faye again but I have my go to notes to myself about her. This is one tip you should do for future ex gf or ex flings. I wrote down a list of negative about her and just went back to it. I forgot I even wrote some of the stuff but glad I did. If I ever felt weak (and I'm human so yes, I do get those things happening to me) I just read the list of things about her and poof!!! I'm good to go again. Relieved actually so that's one of my fallback things I do whenever I feel stupid and nostalgic. lol

So this morning, I can just calmly reflect on the week so far and just mellow out. Sitting on my bed, enjoying the morning with my Trader Joe's coffee mix. Yummy. 1/2 naked with only a shirt on. Yipes!!! Haha. I'm so close to hitting my weight again. I'm sure yesterday was a good weight losing day for sure. Today it'll be just 99° F so it will be bad but not triple digits bad.

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