deanne and Connor

our dialog
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2020-07-28 12:07:04 (UTC)

This is why i belong to Him

Master is going on a much deserved vacation Friday with some friends to do some fishing out west. When we met this morning we realized it may be the last time i see Him until He returns the middle of next week. To be sure He didn't give up the opportunity He allowed me to undress Him and get on my knees to pleasure Him. We quickly escaped to that special place in our mutual minds and i believe i gave Him the pleasure He sought. After several minutes of wrapping my lips firmly, and He gripping my head in His hands, and rocking in and out of my mouth he flooded my mouth with His gift to me. You see, that is my reward. He gets pleased and i earn His offering. It is a simple yet important aspect of our commitment and devotion. And i know my part and respect the role.

Once He stopped pulsating in my mouth He tugged me up to kiss and share with Him. Some trickled down our chins, landing on my tits, tummy and thighs, but most was shared between us. When He was ready He gave me permission to swallow the remainder and kissed me more. He pinned me to the wall and cupped and squeezed my tits while we kissed. i leaned into Him and grinded His still hard cock against me, putting pressure on my very wet lips and sensitive clit.

i knew He had work to tend to, as did i, so i then asked permission to go shower so i could relieve my own intense urge. After a few minutes of kissing and acknowledging verbally to Him that He was the only Master i have or would ever need, He dismissed me to take the shower.

When the water was warm i stood under the cascade and rubbed soap all over. i cupped and kneaded my small tits, rubbing and pinching my nipples several times before my hands worked down my tummy to my hard, perky clit. i rubbed it a bit then took the shower glass squeegee out of the holder and used the slightly curved handle to somewhat penetrate myself. With that in one hand and my finger from the other hand i reached a quivering orgasm in just a few minutes as i leaned against the back tile wall and supported my legs with my feet on the step beneath the glass opposite me. What slippery cum ran down from my lips i rubbed into myself -- over my thighs, lips, tummy and tits. It was slippery but invisible due to the splashing water it mixed with.

After a few moments to regain myself i finished my shower with thoughts of my Master watching me in approval, since He had granted me permission to retreat to the shower.

The world will never know how much i adore this Man and what He does to me, or just what i would do for Him. There is not a soul alive that would believe that beneath my professional outer stature that i submit to being His slut or whore, or whatever else He wishes to call me. He owns my body and mind and He can use me however He wishes, for when He is happy, pleased and content, then i have been successful in my commitment to Him.

Forever, Master.