Live my life♥

me and my life
2020-07-28 12:39:25 (UTC)


In whatever I do or in whatever I try to do all I get is failure. Be it working out for tummy, searching job, searching a guy, insta page, whatever damn thing.
It's so disappointing. Ya also my wedding that was a big failure. Failure because of what circumstances like covid or people like monku, or also me not giving 100 percent in diet.
Life has come to still. Nothing is in my favour. Not even God.
All I want is a job which can give me money. M really afraid. What will I do when my pf will get over. M so tensed. Will I have to sell my car? Anywhich ways its of no use. I wish I get married soon.
I expect a lot to get married and go abroad, or if in India then in very sophisticate family. I wish I wish...

God why m I not your favorite child?? I really feel bad.