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2020-07-27 15:57:38 (UTC)

I jinxed myself damn it!!! 😫

I knew it I knew it!!! Just when I thought I'd be done with the boring texts, Nasim texted me. She asked if she goes, will she have to sign anything to reinstate her gym membership!!! Aaahhh!!! I don't care woman!!! Then she brought up the fact that the owner of this gym franchise promised us a free month and if I brought it up yet. AAAhhhh!!! Really? lol We are lucky the gym is even open. There are some big nationwide gyms that haven't opened yet or went belly up. We are lucky to have ours still open. I'm sure they're in the red because not many new people signed up yet. Our class is small and we need more people to be signing up. I don't want my gym to close and this lady Nasim is concerned about the extra month that was mentioned? Silly-dilly I tell you.

Otherwise, work is good. Heidi and Superstar chatted with me so I guess 2 outta 3 aint bad. lol I'm so ready for the gym. Body is ready. Mind is ready. HELL YEAH I'M READY TO GET IT ON!! lol. Legs are looking pretty toned and I still got my tan from that camp I went to a few weeks ago. Haha. Sorry, so shallow sometimes :)

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