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2020-07-27 07:44:51 (UTC)

My quiet time 😊

Love love love my morning quiet time. If I have to, I'll cut into my work time for these short but precious moments. I forget that some of my routines were meant to keep me in a happy state of mind. Now that I'm doing these almost daily, I've had much better days. I went to 5 gym sessions last week so that gave me the right amount of happy chemicals into my body.

I like the communication or lack of communication from the people around me. No messages from Red Faye. No messages from Nassim. Thank goodness because all she kept talking about was how expensive the gym was and asked me like 100 questions about reinstating her gym membership. I mean come on, at one point, just call and get it reactivated already. Go or no go. It's up to her. Sheez!!!

But I did get messages from Superstar. She wants to go camping again and this time, at the place I told her there is a bioluminescence event in the water. Heidi checked in with me too. So the weekend turned out pretty mellow. Ready to take on the week :) I got one thing to do at work today and I have this week to complete it so I'm good for this week I think. Gym session today. Maybe I can get there early to do some jump ropes.

Gotta go.

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