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2020-07-27 14:06:57 (UTC)

Lopez X Maris: Part 1:

From 11/03/2016-09/21/2018:
11-03-2016: First Crush:
(Katerina is sitting alone, and she was walking by, and she fells in front of Lopez)
Lopez: Kate! (stares)
Katerina: (stares) I am very early for the last time. (sits in the front row, and gets my textbook, and starts writing with using the notebook)
Lopez: (blows a kiss)
Katerina: (blows a kiss back)
11-04-2016: Wedding:
Lopez: Happy monthsary that I met you. (beso)
Katerina: Aww! these flowers are so good, thank u. (beso) (puts my flowers away, and puts in the flower pot)
11-08-2016: Partners:
Katerina: Shh!
Lopez: :)
Katerina: :)
11-10-2016: Late Class:
(Lopez and Katerina are making out again)
Katerina: Shhh! (drinks Frappe) I think it was mocha?
Lopez: (gets a napkin, and wipes the chocolate mess onto your lips) Sorry. I just messed with your chocolate drizzles.
Katerina: Yeah I know.
11-18-2016: We don't say shut up in class!
Katerina & Lopez: We don't say shut up in class!
O: Thank you Katerina and Ricky.
12-16-2016: Awkward Lopez:
Katerina: Ricky!!! (shocks, and picks up the papers that the football in class)
Max: Katerina, it's okay. (fixes your reindeer headband)
Katerina: (To Max) Ugh Max! We have to stay in class!
Max: Shut up Katerina I know!
Ricky: Kate, I'll be back.
Kate: Okay.
01-26-2017: Breaking up for these pasts:
Rolando: Katerina, just stop!
(Katerina starts putting the pinky finger onto the sharpener)
Katerina: He ditched me!
Rolando: Shhh!
Lopez: No.
02-03-2017: Eric just tripped my shoe:
At School: Nurse's Office: Lopez puts Ice pack from Katerina's right foot:
Lopez: Is it hurt? (puts ice pack in your foot)
Katerina: Yeah It hurts
Nurse: Lopez, I think because someone has the accident in lunch.
Lopez: No that's okay. I got her right away. You okay?
Katerina: Yeah.
02-14-2017: Tiff just raned away:
Katerina: Okay, we need for these candy. (eats vday candy)
Rolando: (puts $4 in Kate's backpack)
Katerina: Thank you!
Lopez: Kate, your vday outfit looks cute, take a selfie?
Kate: (to Lopez, gets my phone out, and takes a selfie) Got it!
Lopez: Umm your pic is blurred.
Life Science Teacher: Katerina, you can take the pic later after you are done.
Katerina: Okay. (puts my phone away)
Katie: Umm Sub?
Substitute teacher Life Science: Yes Katherine?
Katie: I think Tiff is upset.
Katerina: Tiffs! Are you okay? You have no boyfriend!
Lopez: Kate, let her cry and go take a break for the minute.
Kate: Fine!
04-07-2017: Do not pick us:
At School: Classroom: World History:
World History: Who wants to go read next?
(Lopez and Katerina are shaking no)
04-20-2017: Fast Writing/ I wish I will never forget you/ Rolando tells Katerina that the heartbroken was okay:
Substitute teacher: Okay, just start writing as soon as possible.
(all students are still writing)
Katerina: Done!
Substitute teacher: Great Kate! Thank you, and start finishing your assignments from Mr B's class.
Katerina: Thank u. (takes out my assignment, and starts writing)
Rolando: I have to get your $1.
Katerina: Mmhm.
(I wish I will never forget you clip):
Substitute teacher: Times up!
(all students except Kate as done by herself)
Ms O: Take for the English Classes.
Substitute teacher: Okay, if you are in English class, just meet in 607. Thank u.
Ricardo: Katerina, why did you lie to me?
(everyone stares at Kate and Ricardo)
Rolando: Katerina, let it be.
Katerina: What? (llorar) My teacher told me not to follow the directions that was the yesterday, but my teacher needed to be skipping schools. That's all I want.
Substitute teacher: Katerina, just stop.
Ricardo: I don't love you anymore.
Katerina: Why then?! (llorar)
(Less English Students are going to English)
(Katerina starts crying)
(Rolando clip):
Rolando: Kate. Katherine.
Katerina: My teacher needed to be not sentenced for staying back, and it was April 3rd, that I was ditched.
Student of Katerina: (To Rolando) We just talked about the Weekend for the spring break, and Katerina will stay back in 3rd period. Sorry about my classmate Katerina.
Rolando: Cal, She's fine. She needs to be worked on something.
05-12-2017: Evil Plans:
Katerina: (llorar)
Tiff: It's okay, It's just a game.
Lopez: I thought we just did for the last games Kate.
Katerina: I know. Everyone just blamed me once.
Lopez: But you are blaming at me Kate!
(Katerina crying)
Katerina: It's all over!
05-15-2017: Everything will be alright:

05-16-2017: Fixing Katerina's Pants:
At Katerina's House: Bedroom of Katerina: Lopez is sewing the pants:
Lopez: I can't believe that you embarrassed everyone.
Katerina: I know.
05-19-2017: Birthday Surprise:

05-22-2017: Study Guide:

01-31-2018: Esteban Left, because I cheated on him:
Ricardo: What happened to Esteban?
Isela: Ricardo, I cheated on Esteban, because of the accident that I just mad, and I lied to him, and gave the middle finger, and gave the shit out, and bitched me first.
Gerry: I think it was Esteban.
Isela: Right Gerry, I got you. (writes the paper down, and wrote Esteban bitched up)
02-23-2018: Heartbroken by pieces:
Fretz: (llorar)
Rolando: I think Lopez did to you. (abrazo)
Fretz: Right.
03-14-2018: Karla sees Maris and Lopez are in together:
04-12-2018: 7:00:
At School: Bathroom: Lopez and Maris are still in the bathroom:
Lopez: Wanna do 7 minute challenge?
Maris: Yeah sure! (closes the bathroom door) Okay where is your assignment?
Lopez: I did not finish Maris.
Maris: Ok I got you back! Umm so where did you wanna go instead after school? Movies or Going to my house?
Lopez: Your house?
Maris: I'll call you back! (gets my phone out, and sees The love note from Ken) I think someone just send me this.
Lopez: Shh Maris!
Maris: What did you mean be quiet asshole?!
Lopez: No one can hear Maris!
Maris: I know, stop! (texts Mom: I am still doing the 7 minute challenge) See?! Everyone in the bathroom got stared at you.
04-16-2018: Maris abrazo Lopez for what happened in the dark past:
At School: Classroom: World History:
(Lopez texting Maris' Mom)
Lopez: Maris?
(Maris crying and rushes to Lopez, abrazo)
Lopez: Why are you crying Maris?
Maris: Because of the dark past.
Lopez: What about it baby?
Maris: (llorar) Then I stabbed Esteban.
Lopez: You stabbed him? That's the truth Maris!
Maris: I know.